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Here is the Illya Kuryakin holster after it was cut, resized and stitched back together. Unfortunately, this original holster has since torn into several pieces.

Here is another early U.N.C.L.E. holster that became “official.” It is from “The Quadripartite Affair” and later became the Solo holster. It’s lines are only slightly different from the “Kuryakin” holster. Sometimes it appears it might have been made of slightly thicker leather. And originally the backstrap was too short. They used a second “extender” strap to make it longer, as revealed by the two buckles on the backstrap.

Before they settled on what we now recognize as the official U.N.C.L.E. shoulder holster, there were several other types that were used. Here are pictures of some of them.

These two are from “The Iowa Scuba Affair” and “The Brain Killer Affair


Never before available – accurate reproduction leather U.N.C.L.E. shoulder holster.

New Replica Kuryakin Shoulder Holster

This is a practical version of the Illya Kuryakin shoulder holster and is pictured with one of our plastic UNCLE guns, which is NOT included. The holster was developed using our pattern that was taken from the original holster, and it is made of factory died leather that is black in both sides and heavy enough for long and rugged use. It also has an adjustable loop on the back that can be fastened to the trouser belt, but can also be removed for those who don't want to use it.

This Shoulder holster is made exclusively for TheUncleGun.com by De Santis Gunhide, a holster industry standard setter. These holsters are right hand draw only, which means the gun would hang under the left arm. They will fit up to 6'4", 250 lbs., 46-48" chest. Fit will depend on how these specific measurements interact with each other. Smaller sizes than the maximums will be altered here before shipping. Larger size could incur extra charges for custom fitting as new parts might have to be custom made.

Shoulder Holster Right Handed
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