Here is the Illya Kuryakin holster after it was cut, resized and stitched back together. Unfortunately, this original holster has since torn into several pieces.

Here is another early U.N.C.L.E. holster that became “official.” It is from “The Quadripartite Affair” and later became the Solo holster. It’s lines are only slightly different from the “Kuryakin” holster. Sometimes it appears it might have been made of slightly thicker leather. And originally the backstrap was too short. They used a second “extender” strap to make it longer, as revealed by the two buckles on the backstrap.

Before they settled on what we now recognize as the official U.N.C.L.E. shoulder holster, there were several other types that were used. Here are pictures of some of them.

These two are from “The Iowa Scuba Affair” and “The Brain Killer Affair